Cutterfish is a darkroom and a digital printing lab generated out from the experiences of Minimum and Baco.

Cutterfish hosts a technical lab to support photographers and other professionals of the visual industry through all the phases of image making. Our lab’s services range from film processing, analog printing, scanning, postproduction, digital printing, to various type of finishing.

Film Processing

Analog Printing

We process B&W and color film (135mm, 120mm and 4x5 inch). For B&W, our standard developers are Kodak X-Tol, Kodak D76 and Ilford LC29. For color film, we use Tetenal C41.

Both B&W and color films are hand processed and different solutions are available on an individual basis.


We make traditional black and white silver gelatin prints. Enlargements are available up to 50x60cm format, from 135-mm and 120-mm films. The entire printing process is managed in close contact with the photographer, from the choice of paper to the identification of the right mood and style that best labels the artist’s intentions.



We have two Epson flat-bed scanners available at the moment, specifically V700 and V750. These are ideal to get all the quality you need in order to make digital contact sheets or scan images for medium size prints.

Our scanner can handle originals up to 20x30cm in one scan, and we can also scan and stitch if the original is larger.


The scanner can be rented per hour, half-day (4 hours), and full day (8 hours). We also offer scanning, spotting and file cleaning services, made by our staff at an hourly price.


We offer digital postproduction services, ranging from basic color correction to heavy photo retouching. Whether it's a reportage or a commercial job, we will be able to meet your needs. We use Eizo Color Edge monitors that are constantly calibrated in order to achieve the highest quality and consistency.


We optimize every file before printing together with the customer; this includes cropping, resizing, canvassing, color and contrast correction. Other postproduction interventions are upon request and subject to time-based charges agreed upon during consultation.



At Cutterfish, we believe the only way to reach a high-quality product is to work closely with the authors who approach us, engaging them in a real dialogue and making them active players of the process.


This is why our approach is based on the idea that a photography lab is much more than its technical skills, and that the author should co-work with Cutterfish to guide us through all the phases of their photographic work, with the common goal of turning their creative ideas into a real product.

Digital Printing


We use an Epson SC P8000 printer with Epson UltraChrome HDinks,  which allow us to print up to 110cm wide. We use a large variety of fine-art and non fine-art papers for different budget needs.


You will have the opportunity to follow the entire printing process alongside our specialized operator. For size prints starting from 20x30cm, a proof print and subsequent preparation of the files are included, so as to make sure that every customer obtaines the desired result.

We produce handcrafted frames upon request. You can discuss your needs with our staff and choose between different types of profiles, i.e. size, color, and type of wood.


At our studio we provide many samples, among which you can choose the ones that best suit your needs.



We can mount your prints onto different materials, such as Dibond and Forex. Mounting the print allows you to achieve a perfectly flat image, a necessary process for large size prints.


The image can then be framed, or mounted on an aluminum back-spacer that make it possible to hang your print without a frame, creating the effect of an image floating on the wall.

We work with a variety of clients outside our city, both nationally and internationally. For printing works we ship all the proof-prints you need to see directly to your address, waiting for your approval before moving onto the final prints.


We can also take care of shipping the final works to any given destination, wether the prints are light, mounted on panels, or framed. We build high-quality resistant shipment crates, and our special deals with shipment companies will make you save money on final fees.

With this approach, Cutterfish wishes to establish a dialogue with authors who are working both locally and abroad.


To make this happen, the lab offers the possibility of checking print-proofs before the final printing by posting them directly to their addresses.

Contact Us


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